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Keep doing what they are doing. The sales and service are exceptional! - Delores K. 9/16/16

So far I have had excellent service from this dealership and I am sure it continue. Everyone I have talked with there was always very helpful! - Kim P. 9/7/16

My family purchased 3 vehicles form this McCrae Subaru over 2 days and we had a wonderful experience - it was a blast! Please see my brother's YELP post. We were there most of the day and received superior service in all areas. My older brother (70!) was given extra attention in explaining the electronic features. My son (first time car buyer) was treated with respect and the finance manager worked hard to explain all aspects of the loan to him, going slowly to ensure my son understood. I was also treated well. I am not one to purchase a new car, but McCrae made me so comfortable, item was an easy decision. Everyone was just great to us! - Roberta C. 8/17/16

Overall, found the process incredibly easy and fast. Plus, I love my Subaru. Enjoyable. - Kristen K. 8/16/16

No pressure which was appreciated. - Neil G. 7/26/16

I received excellent service from this dealer. I made the deal and test drove the car in 1 hour. I picked it up later that day. - Marilyn A. 7/11/16

They were easy to work with and worked really hard to get me the car I wanted. They also did a great job informing me how the interest rates work when other dealers try to lie just to tell me what I want to hear. Thank you Drew, Dave, and Cybil for your professionalism. - James H.

The people who work for this dealership are helpful, attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I purchased my first Subaru here, and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Great people selling a great product. - Caitlin R.

It was the MOST pleasant & EFFICIENT car buying event in my entire life. - Anne C.

I think they are right on target. Great service and sales staff. Competitive pricing. - Michael B.

We were very pleased with the overall experience of purchasing our vehicle. Lee Dennis was very helpful from the very beginning. -  Bernadette Y.

Lee was great. He knew Subaru. He told us all about the car--the difference between the 4-cylinder and the 6-cylinder, all about the "extras" that we wanted and what we didn't think we wanted. Great long explanatory test drive. He was great--everyone was! -   Rodney S.