Love is now electric.

The next evolution of Subaru power is here. The Subaru all-electric vehicle lineup starts with the all-new 2023 Subaru Solterra EV SUV, but there is much more to come. A Subaru EV takes all of the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive capability, advanced active safety technology, and trusted longevity and reliability that Subaru vehicles are known for and combines them with the next-generation e-Subaru Global Platform, a new all-electric vehicle architecture.

We've made it easy to understand and access the conveniences an EV gives you, like charging at home or through our trusted networks, leaving you more freedom to explore.

Charging a Subaru EV: quickly, easily, and right nearby.

Owning a Subaru EV is all about freedom - the freedom from the impact of fossil fuels, the freedom to reach places only a Subaru can go, and the freedom to charge how and where it's most convenient for you. A Subaru EV can be a perfect fit for your life, no matter how you want to charge it.

Charging Flexibility at Home and On the Go

With a Subaru EV, you can leave home each morning with a full charge so you're always ready to go anywhere. Just like your smartphone, you can simply plug in to a standard wall outlet when you get home with the included Level 1 120V charger and wake up to a fully charged battery. You can get an even faster charge by using a Level 2 240V charger - like the kind used for an electric clothes dryer. Other Level 2 chargers are available for public or customer use at retail stores, hotels, and parking lots. 

A close-up of the charging port on the 2023 Solterra
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Charge Up at Over 38,000 Charging Stations

Whether you're heading across town or the entire country, you'll have access to over 38,000 public charging stations - including super-fast Level 3 DC chargers that can charge up to 80% of your battery capacity in under an hour.

Subaru EV Benefits

Saving money on gas and the environmental benefits of a zero-emission vehicle are obvious, but there are other reasons why driving a Subaru EV can be so rewarding. From tax credits to reduced maintenance costs to a more pleasant commute, buying a Subaru EV is a smart investment for the long road ahead. 

Zero Tailpipe Emissions

With no tailpipe emissions and no need for gasoline or oil changes, owning an efficient, capable Subaru EV is the easiest way to enjoy everything the natural world has to offer while protecting it at the same time. 

Close up of the rear end of the 2023 Solterra.
Side-view of a 2023 Solterra driving down a paved road.

Up to $7,500 in Federal Tax Credits

Owning a Subaru EV means you can take advantage of federal tax credits of up to $7,500, and there are even more possible tax credits, incentives, and discounts you can claim, depending on your location and employer.

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Fuel and Time Savings

No combustion engine means no need for fuel or other petroleum products, and if you charge at home, you can expect to only pay approximately $9 to $10 for a full charge[1], which is a huge savings compared to even the most efficient internal-combustion vehicles. Plus you save on time, since there's no need to stop for gas on the way, making it one less thing you - and your wallet - need to worry about on your commute. 

2023 Solterra driving on a bridge.
2023 Solterra driving through a puddle of muddy water.

Maintenance Savings

A Subaru EV is not only more efficient than a traditional combustion engine vehicle, it's also simpler to maintain and doesn't require the same petroleum lubricants for its engine parts. And that doesn't even take into account the time spent waiting for regular maintenance like oil changes. Keep in mind that while a Subaru EV can help you save significant amounts on maintenance, you still need to stay on top of other basic services like tire rotation, brake pads, wiper blades, and other items that wear out